Why Virtual Assistant?

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If you are unsure what a Virtual Assistant is, you are on the right page and let's talk about it today.

Virtual assisting has been around for a while and became popular in the last few years. It is an on-demand service of different talents and skills. It's an alternative to hiring a team of employees to complete non-essential (and essential in some cases) tasks. 

What's the difference between Virtual Assistant and Freelancer?

Some people categorize Virtual Assistant as a Freelancer. It's similar to a certain extent but not the same:

A freelancer typically is limited to one specialized field, content writing or data entry is one of the most common ones on ads. It's mostly on per job basis and the service ends when the task is completed and delivered. It takes multiple freelancers if your project requires expertise in different fields. 

A Virtual Assistant covers a wider range of services on an ongoing basis. Most Virtual Assistants perform in an administrative and personal assistant capacity. Some VA companies like MyOfficeManager ( offer more services like customer service process development, online store management and social media management. It acts as a long term supporting role to the immediate and end customers. 

Why Virtual Assistant?

Thanks to rapid technology development, more business owners start to use remote or virtual services. Virtual Assistant becomes more and more popular for small businesses. Here are the benefits for a virtual assistant:

1. Cost Saving

 Virtual Assistant services are usually charged by the time needed for the project or tasks. Without paying for breaks, time off, vacations or any employee benefits, each dollar goes to the work directly. Due to the on-demand natural, your cost changes when your workload changes. You can enjoy the cost-saving compare to hiring a full-time employee. 

 Another significant cost-saving is the overhead cost. A Virtual Assistant will obtain the tools - both hardware and software needed to complete tasks and does not require any office space at your cost. This saving can be significant if your business is located at a pricey location.

2. Result Focused

 Engaging a Virtual Assistant helps you to stay focused on tasks and results. There's no distraction on employment issues, office politics or personal matters. A highly efficient Virtual Assistant can produce better quality work within a shorter timeframe. 

3. Diversity in experience and talent

 While working with clients in different industries, Virtual Assistants gain experiences from a variety of businesses. It enhances the quality of work and adds value to the operations. There's no limitation on a Virtual Assistant's geographic location, you can hire any VA you find a good fit from anywhere in the world. 

4. Scalable

 When there's a sudden change in the business, it's very difficult to increase your capacity within a short period of time. Virtual Assistant companies or agencies have access to more qualified staff to take on the workload, which makes your business scalable too. 

5. Free up your time!

 Last but not the least, you will be surprised how much time you can free up for the more important things. Let the VA handle the paperwork, sort your emails and answer the incoming calls, you are available to attend friends gathering and family dinner again (after COVID-19 of course). And even better, your Virtual Assistant will make a reservation and travel plan for you too!

There's no surprise that the Virtual Assistant industry is booming, especially after more businesses are realizing the benefits of having remote staff and even virtual help during COVID-19 pandemic. A highly skilled and talented virtual assistant can streamline your business operations in no time, it's time to try yourself.


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